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What Are Virtual Prepaid Corporate Cards?

Virtual prepaid corporate cards are a modern solution to the age-old problem of managing business expenses.



Virtual prepaid corporate cards are a modern solution to the age-old problem of managing business expenses. A virtual credit card is just like a traditional corporate credit card but it’s virtual and you can use your card right away without having to wait for a physical card to be shipped in the mail.

Fuse Financial is doing prepaid cards differently than the rest. There is no preloading and locking up your funds. Your account is only debited when the purchase is made. This makes it easier for small business owners to always have access to their funds.

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Here's How to Create a Virtual Card On Fuse

  1. In the App click on Fuse Cards
  2. Click on Create a Card
  3. Select Virtual Card
  4. Select user, add limits and expense policy
  5. Create a card
  6. Voila you now have the card number, CVV and expiry.
  7. You can add the card to your wallet to make purchases in physical stores.


To use a virtual prepaid corporate card, you will need to connect it to an Apple, Google or Samsung Pay account and pay directly with your smartphone. You can also make online purchases with it. You can use them for all your business expenses while keeping a tight rein on spending by creating each card with its own limit expense submission policy.

Benefits of Virtual Cards

  • Boosting Control: You can exercise precise control by setting spending limits and deciding how and where the card funds are used. This control helps curtail overspending and safeguards against misuse of company funds.
  • Streamlined Administration: Virtual prepaid corporate cards are the secret sauce to simplifying your business's financial management. They do away with the need for employees to wrangle with paper receipts, making expense tracking and reporting a breeze.
  • Fortified Security: You can rest easy knowing that virtual business cards are a fortress of security. They're far less susceptible to fraud and theft since they don't rely on a physical card. What's more, Fuse Cards come with advanced security features like real-time transaction monitoring to keep your business safe.
  • No Credit Hurdles: Virtual credit cards for business are the great equalizer. Unlike traditional credit cards, they don't play the credit score game. That means they're accessible to small business owners and their employees, regardless of credit history.
  • Painless Setup: Getting started with virtual credit cards is as smooth as your best customer interactions. Typically, they can be set up in a jiffy, often within minutes, so small businesses can hit the ground running with streamlined expense management.

Drawbacks of Virtual Cards

  • Acceptance Hurdles: Virtual cards may not be welcomed with open arms by every vendor or for all types of transactions. This could limit their usability in certain situations, so it's essential to plan accordingly.
  • Hard to Access: Securing Virtual Cards for your Canadian small business can be quite the challenge unless you're already familiar with Fuse Financial 😉
  • Reward-Free Zone: Unlike their traditional credit card counterparts, virtual prepaid corporate cards typically don't roll out the red carpet of rewards or cashback benefits. It's a trade-off for the enhanced control and security they offer.

So, there you have it - a balanced look at virtual prepaid corporate cards for small business owners. They're like a trusty tool in your business toolbox for small businesses aiming to simplify employee spending. Businesses can effortlessly provide their team members with virtual cards, each with personalized spending limits and expiry dates, streamlining expense management. This not only makes it convenient for employees to access company funds without dipping into their own pockets but also ensures the security of sensitive credit card company information.

If you're a small business owner looking to enhance your spending practices, consider exploring virtual cards and the best-of-class spend management suite in Fuse Financial.

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