There is nothing small about small business.

Accounts, Invoices, Bookkeeping, Cards... Oh my!

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We heard YOU
loud and clear! 

Your business isn’t small to you, and it’s not small to us. That’s why we asked businesses just like yours how their financial tools could serve them better. We started with building the most powerful financial tool to manage your business. It just so happens to be a CDIC Insured* account too. #JustGettingStarted 

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Small businesses deserve better


Your team has access, but you have control. Need a bill paid? Your team can put in the transaction and all you need to do is approve it.


Centralized invoices and Fuse’s real-time Automated Categorization makes sure your expenses and revenue are accounted for instantly and accurately. #AutoPilot


Get the Fuse Visa card in minutes, no credit application required. Why jump through hoops when you can hula with them instead? 

The Fuse Business Account

What if your Business Accounts, Invoicing, Bookkeeping, Expenses, Payroll, and all things finance were managed as one? One login, one source of truth. That’s the power of Fuse Financial. That’s the power of the Fuse Business Account.


Pay and get paid with Fuse 

Create, send, and track your customer invoices in just a few clicks. Send out invoices fast and get paid faster. With Fuses’ dashboard you can manage your cashflow at-a-glance. 


Evolve Your Business

Want to work on your business, not in your business?
We want that for you too!

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Fuse Financial.
The elevator pitch.

Honestly, we love all things business finance, we’re just not huge fans of how messy managing finances has become. 

It had us asking why can’t businesses have an all-in-one platform for their banking, invoicing, bookkeeping, and payroll? We couldn’t find a reason. 

Now we work relentlessly to bring this new way of managing business finances to Canadians.