The all-in-one business account for your startup.

Accounts, invoices, subscriptions, cards, expenses, bills, and more for real-time cash flow control. 

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Focus on what matters—your startup!

Launching a startup is no small feat, trust us, we know firsthand. That’s why Fuse provides the business management tools that scale with you as you grow. Less paper, more work.

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Open an account online for your startup in under 5 minutes.


Collect your subscriptions and invoices automatically, in under 2 minutes. Best of all, Fuse’s Pay Now feature allows customers to pay instantly with credit cards, e-Transfers, or bank transfers.


Your team has access, but you have control. Need a bill paid? Your team can put in the transaction and all you need to do is approve it.                                       


Fully customizable cards. Create as many cards as you need for your team - while staying in control of spending. Set payment limits and track expenses in real-time from your app. 

Real-Time Expense Management

With seamless integration of QuickBooks, Xero, and Net Suite, combined with auto-reconciliation and paperless receipts, you’ve never had a clearer picture of your burn and runway. That’s the power of Fuse.

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The Fuse Business Card

Starts ups move at lighting speed. You can’t wait days, weeks, or even hours for expense cards for your team—and you shouldn’t have to. That’s why with the Fuse Business Visa Card you can issue new cards instantly.

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Who says it just has to be an account?

Welcome to the multi-tool of business finances. The most powerful financial tool to manage your business. It just so happens to be an account too.

Evolve Your Business

Want to work on your business, not in your business?
We want that for you too!

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Fuse Financial.
The elevator pitch.

Honestly, we love all things business finance, we’re just not huge fans of how messy managing finances has become. 

It had us asking why can’t businesses have an all-in-one platform for their banking, invoicing, bookkeeping, and payroll? We couldn’t find a reason. 

Now we work relentlessly to bring this new way of managing business finances to Canadians.