Digital World. Virtual Cards. Undeniable Convenience.

Issuing Visa prepaid credit cards has never been easier.

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Click. Create. Use. Done.

Instant access to virtual prepaid credit cards that can be used right away—all the same benefits and details as a physical card, but with the added bonus of you can’t lose it. So, no more having to re-issue a card for forgetful Fred. #PoorFred #HappyYou 

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Instant Issuance 

In just a few clicks you can issue a card, set limits, and enable your team to get that initiative moving forward. 



One-Off Expenses

Have a one-off subscription fee? No matter what the expense, there’s a virtual card for that


Fuse prepaid credit cards can be tagged to a GL, meaning expenses that go through that card will be auto-reconciled for you.


Prepaid Cards done differently

Unlike other prepaid cards, your Fuse Card draws from your wallet, not ours—meaning you don’t have to lock your funds into a card. With our auto-load function, your Fuse Card works like a debit card, but with credit card benefits. 

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Standard Features just got an upgrade!

Here’s a sneak peek of just some of the features that come standard with a Fuse Business Account.

Full Visibility

All card transactions show instantly in your Fuse Portal.

Streamline Expenses

Digitize your expenses instantly and auto-reconcile to the coded GL.

Gluttony Welcomed

Whether you need 5 cards or 5000+ Fuse’s virtual prepaid credit card has you covered.

Team Empowerment

Set up limits & permissions for managers to approve employee cards.                                               


What's the fuss?

Fraud Reduction

As there is no physical card, the Fuse Virtual Card exponentially reduces fraudulent risks.

Access Control

Sometimes employees retire or move on to different pastures. With virtual cards, you can freeze cards instantly.

Limit Control

Marketing has an expensive tradeshow every February. Doesn’t mean they need a high limit year-round, does it?

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Evolve Your Business

Want to work on your business, not in your business?
We want that for you too!

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Who says it just has to be an account?

Welcome to the multi-tool of business finances. The most powerful financial tool to manage your business. It just so happens to be an account too.

Fuse Financial.
The elevator pitch.

Honestly, we love all things business finance, we’re just not huge fans of how messy managing finances has become. 

It had us asking why can’t businesses have an all-in-one platform for their banking, invoicing, bookkeeping, and payroll? We couldn’t find a reason. 

Now we work relentlessly to bring this new way of managing business finances to Canadians.